Heads Up

When you first visit Perth, Ontario, you just might fall in love with it.

Whether you stroll through the beautifully landscaped Stewart Park, sit riverside on a restaurant patio or shop in the downtown heritage core, you'll feel it.

You'll look up. And around. And soak it all in.

Yep. That's when you realize you've arrived in a magical little town that you didn't even know you loved. Until now. 

A Quick History Lesson

We are 200 years old, and have never felt better!

The Perth Military Settlement was founded in 1816. Following the War of 1812, Perth was designed to direct people to an unsettled interior and done so through government sponsored military settlement and assisted immigration. While named after Perth, Scotland, our region was settled by a mix of Scottish, Irish and European settlers.

Want a full history lesson on the Perth Military Settlement? Then check out the Perth and District Historical Society's website. You can also learn of our shared history by visiting the Ardoch Algonquin First Nation, the Shabot Obaadjiwan Algonquin First Nation, and the Algonquins of Ontario websites.

Better yet, get an in-person experience by visiting the Matheson House Perth Museum at 11 Gore St. in downtown Heritage Perth! 

Emergency Services

The Town has several policies and procedures in place in case of emergencies, as well as links to all emergency/9-1-1 services.

Lake 88.1 FM has been established as the radio station for emergency information throughout Lanark county. In the event of an emergency, tune to 88.1 FM for official updates and emergency announcements. Vehicle radios are generally clearer than radios in a building if you are a distance away from the radio station transmitter.


Fire Department


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