What is the history of the Perth Kilt Run?           




 10th Anniversary.  Saturday August 17th, 2019, 5 PM


Yes the date has been changed.  It just wouldn’t be a Kilt Run if things remain the same as years past.  Fun things come from change.  So keep an eye on the Website,  https://raceroster.com/events/2019/21844/10th-perth-kilt-run-2019 for what’s on for the day.  This year we are joining up with Freedom Fest to help take a little stress off the   Stewart Family who have been instrumental at keeping this run happening.


The idea to hold a kilt run in Perth, Ontario was conceived in October 2009 by Terry Stewart after the Mayor of Perth, Ontario submitted a letter to the Perth Courier requesting town residents to come up with an idea to help Perth, Scotland celebrate their 800th Anniversary. Happy Birthday Perth, Scotland!! Canada's 8K Perth Kilt Run represents Scotland's 800 years of existence

The kilt run was organized by a group of volunteers as a “one-time event”.  Here we are, now celebrating our 10th anniversary.  Mary and Terry are still leading over 100 volunteers to make this run happen. 


  RACE TIME  5:05 PM